2016 US Presidential Election Odds: The Road to the White House

Sol FH. - October 9, 2016
2016 US Presidential Election Odds: The Road to the White House

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Who will follow Barack Obama and become the next President? Check out the latest odds and prediction.

One of the biggest decisions in the free world is coming up on Tuesday, November 8 when US citizens and ex-pats take to the pools to elect the 45th President of the United States. Unless you've been living in a jungle without any access to internet, radio or television for the last few months, you know that it is either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump that will be elected to the most important office in the world. Both candidates have been on the campaign trail restlessly trying to garner each and every last vote they can, while exposing the weaknesses and shady business of their competitor. This election is one of the wildest in the history of the world, as many people think it could go either way. Let's take a look and the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates and check out the Presidential Election odds at the top online sportsbooks.

Like it or not, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States (POTUS). That is what the Democratic and Republican Parties decided when voting for their party leader back in July and now the public must decide which one is worthy of the throne. There are "huge" (Donald Trump voice) differences between these two, but also some similarities. Let's take a look into the less talked about traits.

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton

Clinton has had a long life in the eye of politics, serving as First Lady of both Arkansas State Senate and in the White House when husband Bill Clinton had the respected offices. She has been a US Senator herself and was the 47th United State Secretary of State. She is a fighter and can handle herself on any stage. Throughout the smearing by Trump's camp, Clinton has emerged relatively unscathed and is still leading in the polls. 

She has built coalitions across the United States and reaches a more diverse voter population that her competitor. Clinton is the epitome of a Democratic crusader and supports her parties' causes with the utmost care. Many voters want Clinton to be the first female President and are simply making their decision based on that. She is already so connected and involved in US policy that there is no real transition here. In terms of experience and understanding of politics there is no doubt that Clinton wins.

Can she be trusted is another story. Clinton is mixed up in a number of scandals including her famous hiding of emails and shady business while at the helm of Secretary of State. What President doesn't have skeletons in their closet though.

Donald John Trump

It is still very, very hard to believe that "The Donald" could very well be the next President. He is a "successful" businessman turned politician that has had a number of reality TV shows and a ton of scandals both on and off the campaign trail. Trump has continually been exposed as a liar, racist, sexist and in some people's minds as a criminal (Tax fraud), but he is still so much better than Clinton in dealing with the media and his appeal to flip-flop voters.

Trump is a borderline extremist in many of his views, from building a wall with Mexico at their expense, to his recent video rant recorded in 2005, which totally degrades women. Many people think that Trump does not actually want to win this election, which is why he is allowing all of this dirt to reach the internet. 

Unlike Clinton, Trump has not a long history in politics, although he is also very well connected. He doesn't have a lot to add when it comes to foreign and national policy, but he appeals to the right-wing American public, which is more ready than ever to bring a Republican back into office. 



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