$236 Million Jackpot Up for Grabs in Tonight's US Powerball Draw

Published February 24, 2016 by Florin P

$236 Million Jackpot Up for Grabs in Tonight's US Powerball Draw

US Powerball fans prepare for Wednesday's $236 million jackpot.

In the wake of the record US Powerball jackpot being split among lucky players, the ticket buying frenzy subsided. This Wednesday, players will be competing for a $236 million jackpot, a significant amount by any standards. Time is quickly running out for those who are yet to purchase a ticket, but players can still have a shot at tonight’s draw.

Online lottery ticket agents such as The Lotter, Play Huge Lottos and Play USA Lotteries meet players halfway, by providing them with an easy way of acquiring tickets, regardless of their location. With the US Powerball draws taking place twice a week, it definitely helps that players can buy tickets in advance.

A Long Way from the $40 Million Reset

After the US Powerball record prize was won, the jackpot was reset at $40 million. As nobody was lucky enough as to hit the correct numbers over the next few weeks, the prize increased almost 6 times. Tonight at 10:59 p.m. Eastern Time (3:59 a.m. GMT) it will revolve around the estimated value of $236 million.

The winner will get to choose between the lump payment and the annuity, with the latter being a less popular, but more profitable choice. The federal government, as well as the states will eat away at the profits through taxes, but even so the US Powerball winner will be left with a lot of money.

Don't Frown upon Low Tier Prizes

US Powerball is now more difficult to beat if you are aiming for the jackpot, but the odds of winning lower tier prizes are actually better. Players have 1 chance in 25 to win any prize, while the odds of claiming the bankroll now stand at 1 one in 292 million as opposed to 1 in 175 million. A lottery ticket costs only $2, so regardless of what prize they claim, players will enjoy an excellent return on investment.

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