€2.41bn To Be Paid Out In Spanish Christmas Lottery

Published December 20, 2020 by Sol FH

€2.41bn To Be Paid Out In Spanish Christmas Lottery

Spain’s ‘Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad’ (Christmas Lottery), will pay out a total of €2.41bn in prizes this year.

We are only a couple of days away from Spain's 'Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad (Christmas Lottery), which will be drawn on December 22. This famed lottery is well known for its massive payouts and this year is no different, albeit with regulations as to how many people will be together to witness the actual draw. 

The Spanish Christmas Lottery has 172 million tickets up for grabs this year. 172 of those tickets are series' of 100,000 ticket numbers that are split into tenths. Each 1/10 of a ticket is being sold for €20, which means that this, mega-lottery will be equal to sales of €3.44bn, wherein 70% will be paid in prizes.

There are numerous prize categories in this lottery and the first prize, known as 'El Gordo' comes with a prize of €400,000 per a tenth of a ticket, the second prize is worth €125,000, and the third prize will total €50,000 per 1/10.

If participants win a combination, each ticket holder will be paid out according to the numbers of the 172 series. If a ticket holder wins the El Gordo, it means that the prize will be around €688m across all series.

President of SELAE, Jesús Huerta Almendro, commented: “Although this Christmas will be different, there are elements and customs that always remain. One of them is our Christmas Lottery. One of our most deeply rooted traditions, which has been accompanying us one generation after another for more than two centuries, and which gives us that much-needed hope in these difficult times.”

This lottery tradition is needed more than ever in these difficult times and Almendro continued, “The SELAE is not alien to the situation we live in, because it affects our daily lives. For this reason, we were very clear that we must reclaim the common values that Loterías shares with citizens. So this year’s campaign focuses on the positives that must be taken out of difficult times.”

There will be strict restrictions as to whom can be present for the draw and there will be heightened security to attempt not spreading COVID.

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