$293 Million Powerball Lottery Jackpot Tonight

Published November 16, 2016 by Arthur M

$293 Million Powerball Lottery Jackpot Tonight

The estimated jackpot prize that can be won with this Wednesday's Powerball lottery draw in now around $293 million.

Anyone matching all the numbers in the Powerball lottery could stand to win the jackpot that's now approaching $293 million, with a one-time cash value of $185 million.

This has come about because no-one has managed to get all the numbers matched since a family from Georgia scooped $246.8 million on September 17th. Multiple rollovers have resulted in this huge prize that's now open to people across the world thanks to online ticket agents.

Playing Powerball

Winning the Powerball lottery jackpot is easy. All players have to do is pick 5 main numbers from a set of 69 and a single Powerball number out of 26. If the balls drawn on that game match the jackpot is won, but with odds of 292,201,338 to 1, maybe it's not surprising that frequent rollovers occur.

It costs $2 a go, although there's an optional Powerplay game which costs an extra $1 and rewards players who take it with prize multipliers of between 2x and 5x. Jackpots are not multiplied however, and the $1 million prize for matching the main numbers will only be doubled at the most.

Claiming The Jackpot

Draws take place in Tallahassee Florida every Wednesday and Saturday night at 10.59 p.m. Eastern time and winners of jackpot prizes can either get the full amount paid out over 29 years, with a 5% increase each time to counter inflation, or they can take the more popular route and have a lump sum payment which will be taxed. That's why the cash option is $185 million even though the headline jackpot is $293 million.

Playing Online

Now that services like The Lotter, Play Huge Lottos and Play USA Lotteries are around, people from much of the world can enter this and other lotteries from their homes. Numbers are selected online and local agents purchase tickets on their behalf, with smaller prizes sent directly to winners, while jackpots can be collected in person and with $293 million to pick up, they should be able to afford first-class tickets to get to Florida.

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