5 Top Autumn Travel Destinations

Sol FH. - September 7, 2016
5 Top Autumn Travel Destinations

With Autumn on the way, find out where you should plan a trip with our top travel destinations for the Fall.

The leaves are beginning to change color, the weather is getting a bit cooler and school is back in session. If you are like me you love the Autumn and the beauty that the season brings with it. Whether in attempts to prolong the summer vacation, or just before the winter sets in, people love to travel during the Fall and we would like to share with you our top Autumn travel destinations. We have covered everything from hot beaches to the coolest cities for this time of year. There are even a couple locations with incredible casinos. Don't let the grind stop you from getting out and seeing what the Autumn has in store and check out the list.

Chase the Sun in the Bahamas

A quick flight from Florida in the US, Nassau is our first Fall travel destination. From September all the way until the end of the year the weather shifts from incredibly hot to amazingly comfortable, which is perfect for outdoor activities with the sun still shining overhead. There are considerably less tourists at this time of year, which means fewer crowds and a much more relaxing stay. The Bahamas are a tropical paradise with world-class spas, breathtaking underwater snorkel and scuba diving adventures and of course, some of the best casinos in the world. On Paradise Island, travelers that want to play their favorites casino games will be welcomed to over 10 acres of gaming including the PokerStars Caribbean Poker tournament, the second-largest poker event in the world. 

Party like a Movie Star in Monaco

If you feel like taking a lavish Autumn trip, why not do it in true James Bond style and head over to Monte Carlo. During the Fall this very exclusive country holds its National Day (Saint-Rainier Day). The festivities are renowned for the magnificent fireworks, beautiful parades, concerts with international artists and so much more. The weather in Monte Carlo is just perfect for everything from sunbathing to walking around in the evenings. While on your evening stroll, be sure to check out the Belle Époque-era Casino de Monte Carlo.

True Colors of the Fall in Switzerland

Just after the summer crowds have gone home, but before the first snow brings thousands of skiers to the world-class slopes, Gruyere, Switzerland is our third Fall travel destination. Gruyere is well known for its amazing cheese and chocolate but taking a camping adventure in the brisk weather of the Alpine slopes is a must. The trees are a reminder of just how intoxicating the colors of Fall can really be with the leaves putting on a spectacular natural art show. 

Truffle Season in Italy

Arguably the best place for a foodie adventure in the world, Italy in the Fall is one of the best places to visit year round. Autumn in Italy is its own kind of awesome with the natural beauty playing the perfect landscape to the old school architecture. Take a trip in the outdoors and see the truffle hunters in action, bringing home thousands of dollars worth of the gourmet fungi. Afterwards, head into virtually any Italian eatery to taste what was found in the hillsides. A perfect experience for all.  

Vegas Baby!

Ah Las Vegas. Where you can still wear summer clothes well into the Fall. The casinos on the strip are a little less full, the discounts on prime hotels begin to roll in, and did I mention it's Vegas? So much more than just the capital of gambling, Las Vegas Nevada has it all. From some of the best restaurants and biggest buffets, to the clubs that party on well into the morning hours, Vegas takes it all to the extreme. Sin city in the Fall is definitely worth considering. 



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