$50,000? Why not give it a 'Sit and Go'?

Published November 17, 2012 by OCR Editor

$50,000? Why not give it a 'Sit and Go'?

Consecutive wins bring in stonking jackpots with Bet365 Poker's latest 'Sit and Go' promotion.

If you like your poker fast and furious, watch out for the blinding prizes in the Bet365 Jackpot Sit and Go series: Serious rewards for consecutive wins in Dirty Dozen, Maui, Rio and Fort Knox Tournaments.

$50,000 Jackpot

Bet365 Poker has put a mouth-watering Jackpot Sit and Go promotion, with a potential $50,000 win to be made. Below are details of each of the four games participating in the Jackpot series. 

'Sit and Go' Dirty Dozen

The clue is in the name: This game is for twelve persons only.

Win four tournaments of Dirty Dozen and win yourself $2,000. Last year's winners walked away with a total of $250,000 amongst them.

'Sit and Go' Maui 

Maui is a single-tournament game for ten persons. There is a minimum win of $15,000 here, for anyone who wins five tournaments, making it a popular choice. If nobody claims the prize, the jackpot rolls over and keeps growing week by week.

And they have thrown in a consolation prize as well! If you come either first OR second in five consecutive games, you win a heart-warming $200.

'Sit and Go' Rio

Cranking it up a notch, you have to win six tournaments to win a handsome $30,000 prize in Rio. Again the jackpot rolls over each week, until someone claims it. So it may well shoot up over time. For those who only just miss the prize - Bet365 Poker offers a $300 prize who finish up in first OR second for six tournaments.

'Sit and Go' Fort Knox

Same idea here: you are challenged to win six consecutive games of Fort Knox, to qualify for the $50,000 jackpot. Once again, if the jackpot goes unclaimed one week, it rolls over to the next, getting bigger and better each time.  The consolation prize is a tad higher than Rio, coming in at $750 for a player who comes in first OR second place over six tournaments.

'Sit and Go' Poker - ideal for novice players

If you're fairly new to poker, 'sit and go' is a worthwhile experience. The number of players is always fixed and the moment that number is met, the game begins. Everyone buys in for the same fixed amount and receives the same number of chips. There is usually a large number of hands and the blinds increase in stages. You play until all the chips are gone, and there is one player left standing. With all these parameters and with its fast pace, 'Sit and Go' poker makes an exciting gaming experience for less experienced players.

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