7 Licenses Cancelled By Malta Gaming Authority

Published March 1, 2021 by Sol FH

7 Licenses Cancelled By Malta Gaming Authority

In the first half of 2020, the Malta Gaming Authority has suspended and canceled a number of sites.

If you've ever wondered what exactly it is that regulators do, well, here is a prime example. In the first half of 2020, it was reported that the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) suspended two licenses, canceled 7, and issued 11 warnings. The MGA regularly cracks down on regulatory violations making it one of the most reliable watchdogs in the industry

In a Performance Report, the MGA also hit 9 operators with administrative fines following audits over compliance and after a number of formal investigations. 

The canceled licenses belonged to Dorobet, Global Gaming Entertainment, bSupporter, Watch World Luxury, Bimbabet, The Daily Fantasy Football Company, and Pick Mister. The two suspended licenses belonged to Stakers and BetElephant, due to regulatory violations. 

The biggest fine was to Blackrock Media, which was hit with €2.34 million. This operator was fined last January after the MGA exposed them for operating a gaming site without the necessary authorization. 

Be Careful Of What You Advertise

It wasn't only the sites themselves that took a hit, as the MGA also took action against 10 promotional advertisements that were trying to persuade would-be gamblers to gamble due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The MGA is one of the most active regulators in the industry. In the first half of 2020, the MGA carried-out 833 evaluations for online and land-based betting services. They also received Player Support Unit inquiries from 2,433 players. Due to the pandemic, the MGA saw an increase of 38% in these types of calls. 

The official report will be published this May and it will include its financial survey. 

About the MGA

The Malta Gaming Authority is home to thousands of gaming sites. Its mission has always been to ensure a fair betting sector in Malta and for the operators based therein. The MGA fights corruption on a daily basis and protects minors and would-be problem gamblers. 

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