888 Casino Introduces Brand New Slot Races

Published February 16, 2018 by Ivan P

888 Casino Introduces Brand New Slot Races

888 Casino Slot Races offer players a chance to play their favorite slots in a competitive and engaging environment, with a chance to win extra free spins, cash bonuses, and more.

Lately, more and more online casinos have been trying to improve on the interaction and social aspects of gambling via various methods. 888 Casino has decided to join the party with their latest addition, aptly named Slot Races.

What Are Slot Races About?

Those not new to online gambling are probably familiar with the concept of slot races as 888 Casino is not the first to come up with the idea. For those who don't know, Slot Races will have you playing a particular slot for a certain number of spins as you try to accumulate more points than the other competing players. Those finishing near the top once the race is over receive additional prizes regardless of whether they won or lost money over the course of race spins.

Slot Races are open to all 888 Casino players and the next race to start is clearly visible in the casino lobby so that everyone can join. The good news is, these races on 888 and other casinos don't discriminate between the players as high rollers and those playing low bets have equal chances of winning. As long as a player plays the minimum bet prescribed for a particular race, they are in with an equal chance like everybody else.

Win Points with Big Wins & Super Boosters

As long as the player joins the race before the start and plays at the minimum stake or higher, they'll have a chance to win. Points are calculated regardless of the bet size and are added based on regular wins, jumbo wins (5-15 times the stake), monster wins (15x+ wins), and super boosters (unlocking games' special features and bonus rounds).

888 Casino Slot Races stand to make the gambling experience more engaging and exciting. It is worth noting that anything players win during the race is added to their balance just as if they were spinning the reels on their own. However, if you manage to outrun the competition, you stand in line to win some nice extra prizes such as cash bonuses, free spins, and more.

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