A Technical Consideration: The Drive for Global Compliance Technology and Protection

Published July 17, 2020 by Lee R

A Technical Consideration: The Drive for Global Compliance Technology and Protection

Technology offers streamlined methods for protecting larger and larger player bases through time.

What would iGaming be without technology? Exactly nothing.

Centralizing Technological Protection

Beyond the use of technology itself, a key component of gaming technology is the evolution towards a centralized model of protection.

Diverse Population to Protect

As smartphones and mobile device technology drive growth, an eco-system of flexible and dynamic providers, products, and consumers have risen up.

Historically Protective Technology

Technology has been used in the gaming industry since land-based gaming was the only game in town: indeed, land-based regulators have historically monitored gaming operators and machines to ensure they remained consistent with industry-relevant specifications.

The What?

The GAT protocol was an early form of land-based compliance technology which served to empower regulators to verify whether software modules running on in-hall machines were the same ones certified in test labs—an approach which worked when machine software was used for extended periods.

High Turnover Adaptation Today

Those days are now long gone, with such tech advancements as remote configuration and download meaning gaming sotware is being changed and updated almost continuously—also opening the door for more operating errors, and calling for more direct remote monitoring.

Standardizing Technological Protections

The key goal today for regulators in centralizing technology then becomes standardization of initiatives; with the main body overseeing these efforts being the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).
Cultural Adaptation of Technology

Specific jurisdictions are subsequently faced with augmenting technology with contextual data germane to their regions, such as methods for monitoring the collection of taxes; harm minimisation within the context of the local community; and adherence to general global best practices for safe advertising, marketing and related promotional behavior.

Evolving Taxation Systems

Today, we see regulators seeking to ensure regulatory tax environments evolve with the technology, such as turnover and revenue-based taxes replacing fixed per machine rates.

Consumer Protection Technology

Regulators are also faced with reducing problem gambling. Systems for self-exclusion are among the most popular forms of technology limiting vulnerable groups from accessing gambling sites. Jurisdictions today seek technology which collects registration and visit or login data to support trigger alert systems.

The True Human Element

Ultimately, it falls back to humanity to harness the benefits of protective gaming technology. A flexible, agile workforce is best equipped to deal with the shifting challenges of local regulation and local community protection using centralized protection technologies and monitoring approaches.

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