AffEurope Closes Doors and Ditches Affiliates

Published February 4, 2015 by Amir G

AffEurope Closes Doors and Ditches Affiliates

AffEurope has shut the door on its affiliates and cheated them out of their money while its three online casino remain in operation, benefiting from affiliates' hard work.

Affiliate program AffEurope has recently closed its doors, cutting off the income to the affiliates who sent players to its casinos which still remain open: City Club, Crown Europe and City Tower. It is always very saddening to see such news from the world of affiliate programs especially when we thought that the days of ripping off affiliates were past us.

One Day Notice

On December 30th 2014, AffEurope sent a mail to its affiliates announcing the closure of the program at the very next day, December 31st, effectively giving the affiliates a one day notice – something which is thought of as inappropriate in the business world and in any world for that matter. To add salt to the wound, AffEurope has not fulfilled its promise that affiliates will be paid out in full the funds they were owed.

Affiliates Cheated

Perhaps the most shocking part of the story is that the three AffEurope online casinos are still up and running in operation – still accepting new players. These casinos are profiting from players which were sent by the affiliates who were part of AffEurope's affiliate program, but the affiliates are not seeing another dime from AffEurope which is supposed to pay commissions to the different affiliates and webmasters. In other words, AffEurope has committed commission theft and lied to its affiliates.

Cashgrab Confirmed

Due to AffEurope's conduct of business or lack thereof, we at Online Casino Reports strongly recommend players not to play at any of their three online casinos listed above. Hard working affiliates and webmasters were cheated out of their money after hard work and a lot of time invested in an affiliate program that presents itself as legit and professional. Any positive past experience with AffEurope is now erased due to the brand's shady and dishonest behavior which threatens to harm the affiliate world as a whole.

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