After a Stutter, the Odds Remain in Favor of Optimal BET2020 Results

Published April 9, 2020 by Lee R

After a Stutter, the Odds Remain in Favor of Optimal BET2020 Results

The iGaming world is still going to get a taste of BET2020 in the near term afterall!

The iGaming world at large breathed a long sigh of dismay after learning an intriguing new conference offering a global standard of online security had been pushed back.

Land-based Delay

Offered as a flexible and innovative format, it seemed BET2020 was not quite flexible enough to avoid the Coronavirus pandemic, with the pushback of the eagerly anticipated April 7-9 London start date announced out of priority to the safety and health of speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, partners and guests pending stabilization of the world’s situation.

But wait, the conference will go on!

Artful Adaptation

The BET2020 team has decided to transform the inaugural conference into an adapted online event.

Adaptations to the new format include integration of the conference's leading industry topic into one day of online presentation.

Enhanced Dialogue

Further updates include the assembly of top experts for direct interpersonal dialogue online at BET2020, complete with real-time Q&A and live chat with speakers; so that the opinions shared and the contacts exchanged will be seen by all participants at once!

Downloadable Materials

Another benefit for online attendees will be access to a myriad of downloads in the conference resource section to store newly obtained knowledge directly.

Increasing Brand Reach

The online format further emerges as the ideal opportunity to increase brand awareness and engagement while sponsoring BET2020 online, with sponsorships still currently available.

Special Land-based Offer

Each participant at the BET2020 online conference receive a special offer to the physical event, which will still take place further down the line.


At this point, the glum prospect of delaying the event indefinitely is replaced by the relief and anticipation for innovative and unique opportunities in an innovative conference format that is BET2020, an event which will enrich the relationship and enhance opportunities when everyone finally gets together physically for the bold new event that is BET2020.

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