Agreement Reached Between EU Natioal Gambling Authorities

Published December 7, 2015 by Lee R

Agreement Reached Between EU Natioal Gambling Authorities

EU member states will have to cooperate to make online gambling sustainable.

The expansion of regulation across Europe has brought about new challenges to each member country, and the EGBA is glad to see the newest state response in the form of a landmark agreement for online gambling.

Landscape Requires Coordination

While laws on gambling are the responsibility and right of individual countries, EU policy supports regulation across all countries, with online gambling at this point not limited by national borders.

There is a need for coordination among EU nations if legal online gambling is going to work, so that all activity that takes place within the borders of EU countries, and all revenues from legalized gambling are diverted to productive purposes such as budget relief and public works.

As of now, over 7 million citizens in the EU currently gamble online. Those who do so illegally in unregulated environments are unprotected from profiteers who seek to lure them into gaming at all costs, and will prey on addictive personalities. Unregulated environments also leave users vulnerable to financial and identity fraud, and can be used to launder money or manipulate odds.

Agreement to Address the Issue

To this end, EEA members states today signed the first formal agreement to coordinate integrated cooperation among the gambling authorities of member states.

The agreement covers a number of diverse areas including coordination among countries on procedures for tender, verification of information provided by other authorities, and exchange of technical expertise.

Coordinated supervision procedures will be implemented place through areas of compliance with national laws, protection of consumers, prevention of money laundering and fraud, and betting related to match-fixing.

As far as technological sharing, national gambling systems will be coordinated through the compilation of gateway files on the participating countries. These gateways will serve to synchronize member nations regarding areas of role and remit of national authorities, emerging areas they would like to share information on, competences of other national authorities with regards to gambling, and any limitations in laws regarding specific categories unique to the online gambling environment such as data protection.


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