AI Innovations That Could Change the Face of Online Gambling

Shane. - January 23, 2023
AI Innovations That Could Change the Face of Online Gambling

With AI on the rise in many different forms, we look to the future and consider how the online gambling industry could benefit from artificial intelligence. We answer the “what if” question by uncovering just how advanced AI could become.

AI tools like ChatGPT are taking over the internet right now. Wherever you turn, there’s more news, exciting developments, and new releases on the market.

While AI isn't a new concept, it has evolved into a truly intelligent piece of technology that will only grow from this point forward.

With that in mind, we want to know what AI could do for the online gambling arena. We hypothesise how artificial intelligence could change online casinos and gambling for good and propose a few "what if" scenarios.

Join us as we imagine what the future could look like when AI and the online casino industry truly work together.

What is AI?

If you’re new to the tech world, you may be wondering what AI is and why the world is making a lot of noise about it right now.

AI or artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence. Computer systems emulate intelligent processes such as language processing and speech recognition to create what appears to be lifelike intelligence.

This technology is then used to create programs that allow computers to "communicate" with human beings in a natural way. The more these systems learn, the better they are at emulating humans and how they communicate.

What Could AI Do For Online Gambling?

Live casino games are one of the most popular forms of gambling. Being entertained by a live croupier while also being able to communicate with them is a huge plus to these games.

Online gamblers enjoy human interaction, but not everyone wants to play live dealer games. AI could bridge the gap and provide several other services to online casinos that will change how players interact with casino games.

Custom Live Dealer Games

Imagine a live dealer casino game where you can custom-fit your playing experience to your needs and wants every time you play.

With AI technology, players could chat with their live croupier and let them know that they'd like to play in outer space, on the casino floor of a Vegas casino, or even in a fantasy land filled with dragons. The AI could generate a backdrop and theme for that game in a matter of seconds, creating a customised gaming experience on the fly.

Every player in the room could have their own theme and make playing a live roulette game or betting on live Plinko a unique encounter.

One-Of-A-Kind NFT Prizes

What if online casino prizes went beyond cash rewards? With AI, online slots could be created that only pay out using NFTs. Combining the world of crypto and AI is a natural progression, and instead of using NFTs that already exist, these prizes could be generated by AI based on a player's preference or interests.

Technology like this could do more than just create NFTs; it could also mint them and ensure they hold value before paying out to winners. This also means that every NFT is 100% unique and only available for that particular winner.

New Slot Themes

Much like the custom live dealer games mentioned above, AI and online slots could change the game forever. What if it were possible to play your favourite game with the same mechanics and bonus features, but the theme changed whenever you, please?

Being able to select from a wide range of theme options is already a huge drawcard for online slots. But with AI, there’s no limit to what could be dreamed up and instantly created by the AI bot that runs the game.

Chat to Slot Characters

Speaking of intelligent online slots, let's take the fantasy of playing in a custom slot world one step further. What if you could chat with the characters featured on the slot between spins?

Let's imagine that you're spinning the reels of a Lord of the Rings-themed slot. Gandalf watches over you as you spin the reels and defeat the Balrog in a bonus feature. You take a quick break before jumping back into the action, and Gandalf asks if you're ready to keep going.

You choose a response and ask the wizard to tell you more about Mount Doom and the quest that lies before you. Using AI chatbot technology and lore that already exists on the internet, Gandalf could regale you with tales of the dwarves, provide in-depth details about the Balrog, and encourage you on your quest to take home the ultimate treasure - a One Ring NFT that Smeagle can’t resist.

Unique VR Casino Experiences

VR technology and the possibility of playing your favourite games using a VR headset have been around for many years. Until now, the tech has never quite hit the mark it needs to create an experience that works.

However, with the rise of the metaverse, VR casinos are becoming more of a possibility than ever before. Coupled with AI and unique casino experiences are on the cards. From choosing where you play, whether that's on the moon or at a real land-based casino, to a virtual AI host that welcomes you and provides insight into how the casino works, the possibilities are endless.

Imagine walking through the virtual doors of a VR casino that has been AI-generated to suit your preferences. You're greeted by a host that answers your questions, shows you how to visit the cashier, provides you with a generous bonus, and leads you to your first game table. You can interact with other players, chat with the live croupier dealing with your cards, and much more.

With the power of artificial intelligence, all of this could soon be a reality at your favourite online casino. Are you ready for the evolution of online gambling?



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