All Clear in Macau: Now for the Operations

Lee R. - August 9, 2020

Former gambling hub Macau seems to have the ingredients for safe opening, and it sure is needed.

Macau has been well known for its struggle during the Covid shutdowns, yet the former island gambling mecca is also within the jurisdiction of the lowest level of reported cases in the world.

Widespread Employee Tests

Getting the industry restarted in the only region within China licensed to provide gambling has started with testing 25000 employees for Covid.

Late last week the Macau Health Bureau reported that the key employees of Macau's casino industry turned in a perfect score of negative tests.

Testing Process

The testing took place over a period of ten days, with the test group including so-called front-line staff such as dealers and security guards from the two most prominent of Macau's six major operating groups: SJM Holdings Ltd and Sands China Ltd.

Administered by Conde de São Januario Hospital Centre, senior physician Alvis Lo Iek Long confirmed nucleic acid test (NATs).

Total Employees in Macau

At last year's end, Macau had over 58,000 employed in the gaming sector, with over 25,000 employees serving as front line workers including croupiers.

Macau's Comprehensive Testing

The hope is that Macau is clear of the virus, even moreso in an operational sense. With some 300,000 of these NATs tests in total conducted in the Macau, the 25,000 casino employees would represent 8% of the total. And with Macau carrying out some 11,000 NATs a day, representatives of the Health Bureau are assuring that Macau is capable of carrying out up to 16,000 tests a day.

Lowest Cases in Macau

As far as total cases, Macau itself has reported a total of 46 total COVID-19 cases, only adding to the irony of Macau being by far the worst hit of any gambling hub.

No New Activity

Currently, no current active cases and no new cases have been reported in the last 28 days, with the Macau jurisdiction placing at the very bottom of the global country reported cases list.


For all intents and purposes, both the amount of cases and the testing system would imply that the conditions in Macau are the most optimal for restarting the industry, but in a jurisdiction subject to overall strict governance, only time can tell if a clean slate will be filled by osmosis.



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