All Sights Locked on Tonight's Record-Setting $700 Million Powerball Jackpot

Published January 9, 2016 by Florin P

All Sights Locked on Tonight's Record-Setting $700 Million Powerball Jackpot

Americans and online lottery players from all over the world brace for the largest Powerball jackpot in lottery history.

The Powerball has made hundreds of millionaires over the course of time, but this Sunday is special for all the fans of the American lottery. The projected jackpot will revolve around $700 million, making it the biggest ever in the lottery’s history.

The previous record was set back in 2012 by the Mega Millions lottery jackpot that surged to $656 million. It was divided among players from three different states, so the record for the biggest single winner is still held by Gloria Mackenzie of Zephryhills, Florida who won $590.5 million in 2013.

No Big Winner in Wednesday's Draw

This week, Powerball fans came painfully close of scooping the jackpot but nobody had the winning numbers for the jackpot. Second-tier prizes are more than a pale consolation, but everyone secretly hopes for that big win that will grant immediate access to the Guinness World Record.

Saturday’s draw is scheduled for 10:59 p.m. Eastern Time or 3:59 a.m. GMT, for international players who hope to win the record-setting jackpot. Speaking of which, Powerball tickets can be purchased online using agents such as The Lotter, Play USA Lotteries and Play Huge Lottos. They act as a catalyst for the jackpots, driving the number of participants higher, which in turn leads to a boost of the prize pool.

44 US States Are in the Race

In anticipation of the biggest lottery jackpot in history, players from 44 states, the US Virgin Islands, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are purchasing tickets. Pennsylvania residents are apparently the luckiest ones, with 16 jackpot winners residing in the Keystone State.

Depending on their residence, players will receive a cash value that has the individual tax rates, as well as the local and state taxes subtracted. Even though the annuity option has the advantage of players paying fewer taxes, the vast majority of Powerball winners prefer the one-time payment.

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