Ambitious Letsbet Brand Set to Launch Early 2018

Sol FH. - December 2, 2017

Is a new frontier of online real-money casinos coming in early 2018? Created by former holders of key positions at NetEnt and LeoVegas, Letsbet is an interesting upcoming brand for sure.

It's called, "Letsbet" and it is expected to be a very interesting new entry to the world of iGaming. A new vision for online gaming lead by two respected names in the business. Former NetEnt Regional Business Manager, Michael Pedersen, and LeoVegas' former Head of Operations, Stefan Lind have joined forces and will be launching their own style of online casino in early 2018. The two industry leaders, and now co-founders of Letsbet, have a taken a chance on their own online real-money casinos, which they say is a "mash-up of live streaming, social features, and gamification.” 

Same Food at a Different Restaurant?

Pedersen and Lind want to create a brand that isn't limited in its ability, to make itself stand-out from all the rest. Pedersen went so far as to compare the current industry situation to serving the same food at different restaurants. The two are betting big on new technologies out there, especially in the Fintech sector. They both believe that with the rise of cryptocurrency on one hand, and the popularity of social gaming on the other, they will come together to form a new type of gambling solution. And, they want to be first.

Lind, who is the CMO and Co-founder of Letsbet, related, “Casino players might not always want to directly speak to other players, but it’s clear that they often like to interact with the casino staff and enjoy the indirect presence of other players; that’s what we are trying to replicate using the latest technology.” 

What's New

The gambling site will feature some innovative ideas including daily live broadcasts of real casino hosts that will interact with the players adding a new type of player experience. They are also using an advanced streaming technology, which they hope will extend players' session time and even build a more personal experience with its members. There will also be an instant messenger-like function, which will let players create group chats, add players, and more.

Big Ambitions

Letsbet is indeed very ambitious, aiming high to the sky and arriving with a big bang, but will it deliver? And will this delivery have a wider impact on the industry? Hopefully, we'll get to know early next year.

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