American Forex Traders Discover eToro

Published February 10, 2010 by OCR Editor

American Forex Traders Discover eToro

The mission of eToro is to simplify your foreign trading experience.

eToro is one of the fastest growing online foreign exchange (forex) trading platforms in the world. However, it has only just captured the attention of forex traders in the United States who seem to have been lagging somewhat behind the worldwide trend.

eToro recorded a huge surge in popularity in the beginning of 2010 amongst US forex traders.

Foreign exchange is a complicated business even for the professionals and eToro is designed to make the life of forex traders easier. It cuts down the complexity of trading foreign currencies through various unique means such as real-time images and graphs that visualize the trades.

The eToro website is user friendly and has in mind the novice trader who is trying forex trading perhaps for the first time. Forex trading is made less intimidating through instructional animations, video tutorials and straightforward financial information.

In addition to the latest forex news and market events, the platform also provides its customers with trade history, charts and a system to manage trading orders.

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