American Gambling Association Prioritizes Responsible Gaming

Published May 17, 2014 by OCR Editor

American gamblers encouraged to wager responsibly.

The American Gambling Association (AGA) has come out strongly in addressing the issue of problem gambling. Concerned by the number of people who are not capable of gambling responsibly, it has produced helpful guidelines.

Scientific Approach

The AGA, backed by peer-reviewed scientific research on gambling disorders has attempted to educate the public on the potential risks. It should be stated that the majority of those gambling in the United States, whether in online or traditional casinos, are not considered ‘problem gamblers'. They understand that gambling is part of the entertainment industry and while it's great fun to take part (and win), they are to a greater degree in control. By educating people about the odds involved in games and making responsible decisions about when and how to gamble the AGA is taking a lead in attempting to offset future issues.

Industry Awareness

The industry takes its responsibility to its customers very seriously. The figures show that around 1% of the gambling population has problems with responsible wagering. Despite this low number, the industry as a whole recognizes the impact of problem gambling, not just on the individual gambler, but how it affects families and societies too. There seems to be a holistic approach to understanding why this happens and trying to deal with it when it does. Members of the casino industry work with a wide spectrum of connected parties; problem gambling researchers, government and community leaders and state problem gambling councils. This is to try and provide a safety net, to ensure that those who cannot gamble responsibly get the help they so clearly need.

Tough Love

The casino industry wants players to enjoy themselves, but understand the consequences of gambling. They don't want problem gamblers in their establishments, whether online or in the land-based version. At the same time, if a problem does develop they will not completely turn their back on them either.

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