Americas Cardroom Player Reels In $750,000 Playing Slots

Published February 24, 2022 by OCR Editor

Americas Cardroom Player Reels In $750,000 Playing Slots

A streak of lucky spins sees an Americas Cardroom VIP player lay claim to $750,000 in slots winnings in a single month!

While playing for massive jackpots is not uncommon in the world of online poker it is unusual for those avid card fans to spend their time and money playing slots. Far from the controlled world of poker where players test their wits, tenacity, and bluffing prowess against a cabal of their peers, slot machines are nothing but pure chance and therefore less likely to appeal to fans of skill games.

Starting 2022 Off with a Bang!

However, as is the point of a game of chance, when it is your turn to win it is your turn, and one lucky Americas Cardroom player, who goes by the handle LIKI03, found themselves on the winning end of a string of lucky spins.

Americas Cardroom spokesperson Michael Harris said:

"While we're best known for our record-breaking tournaments like the $10 Million Venom, you don't have to play poker to win big at Americas Cardroom. It's always great to see someone win three-quarters of a million dollars, especially one of our VIPs!"

The fortunate player is a well-known VIP at the Americas Cardroom Casino who is often seen to be enjoying spins of up to $150 per game. This time however a series of spins that fell in their favour saw them rake in a total of $750,000 in winnings!

Let The Reels Fall Where They May

While the aptly named Jackpot Bank slot machine was responsible for the largest single payout, with a combination of Wild multipliers and free spins turning a $150 spin into a fantastic $171,650 windfall.

Within days LIKI03 was back in action, once again raking in wins on Jackpot Bank slot, this time pairing Gold Bars with win multipliers to claim an additional $150,000 in payouts from the casino. In what is an unprecedented, and not common, run of good fortune the player saw out the month with a total of $750,000 in net winnings.

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