Analysis: Why Germany Won the World Cup

Published July 14, 2014 by Amir G

Analysis: Why Germany Won the World Cup

The individual skills of Germany's players, their dedication and overall ability to work as a team brought Germany their fourth World Cup.

The 2014 Brazil World Cup concluded yesterday in Rio de Janeiro's Maracana with Germany winning their fourth World Cup. Germany made history, becoming the first European team to lift a World Cup on South American soil. The game itself was exciting and fast-paced and despite all predictions, the end score was open until almost the very last minute – and that's exactly when it was decided. But why did Germany win? What makes a team the best in the world?

A Game of Substitutes

It was Germany's Mario Gotze who decided the result of the match in the 113th minute. While it took Gotze's touch to bring Germany the World Cup, it wasn't him alone who was responsible for the historic moment. Gotze was substituted for Miroslav Klose in the 88th minute, and when the 22 year old forward climbed the pitch he knew exactly what he had to do – and he had done it.

Argentina's Failure

At the same time, Argentina's substitutes were strange: Coach Sabella replaced Argentina's most impressive dribbler Lavezzi for Aguero who seemed almost non-existent on the pitch. This was Argentina's best game in the tournament, but the team failed because they still relied solely on two people: Mascherano and Messi. While Mascherano delivered, Messi did not.

Teamplay is the Name of the Game  

Why is Germany great? They are a team in the full sense of the word. There's chemistry between the players who were academically raised and trained by Germany's national football institutions to perfect their skills. They're not a machine – they're a team. Germany's players fought fiercely as they were waiting for this moment for many years. Bastian Schweinsteiger looked like a beaten boxer after 120 minutes, refusing to get substituted even when bleeding. It was a great World Cup and the best team won.

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