And Britains Newest Royalty Will Be...

Published February 18, 2013 by OCR Editor

And Britains Newest Royalty Will Be...

Place A Bet On The UK's Newest Royal Ruler

Its big news when royalty multiplies and a new prince or princess is soon to be bequeathed to the world.  Several things can happen:

Immediately many of us commoners realize our lowly, preordained positions in life.  Others take no notice at all while some of us immediately begin lining up lining up to place our bets.

Put You Money Where Your Premonitions Lie

Perhaps you've got a feeling as to what Great Britain's newest royalty-to-be might look like.  If so, why not put your money where your premonitions lie?

If you think he (or she) is going to be a red head, then check out the premier online gaming casino William Hill for the latest odds and perhaps lay yourself a royal wager:  If you think brown then you're looking at 6/4; Black 7/2; Blonde 2/1 or Ginger (we call it redhead in the states) 4/1.

And how about names?  'Waynetta' weighs in at a thousand to one (you never know, maybe the royal couple were greatly influenced by their recent trip to the states and are feeling kinda funky).  Odds are much tighter with Diana (6/1) and the very traditional Vicoria (8/1).

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?  Another flappy eared Prince Charles or perhaps a Diana reincarnate?  This is a real rarity so why not check out online gaming's number one sportsbook William Hill and win yourself a kingly ransom!  


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