Android Malware Hummer Trojan Infects Millions of Devices

Florin P. - July 4, 2016

Android users beware of the Malware Hummer Trojan.

The vast majority of mobile devices are powered by Android operating systems. It comes as no surprise that cyber criminals and online wrongdoers are targeting this OS more than other operating systems. In 2016, a new threat has emerged and it goes by the name of Android Malware Hummer Trojan. Millions of smartphones and tablets were infected in the first months of 2016, with as many as 1.4 million devices targeted on a daily basis.

The Biggest Trojan Family in History

Those who are behind the Android Malware Hummer Trojan made millions of dollars by successfully launching this attack of unprecedented magnitude. Android users who got their devices infected, witnessed in disbelief how pop-up ads invaded their screens and unwanted apps were downloaded without their consent. Uninstalling these applications has no impact whatsoever, as the Trojan would simply reinstall them after rooting the phone. Not even a factory reset would wipe the virus off the device.

Android Malware Hummer Trojan is more than a nuisance for smartphone users who lost control over their devices. Hundreds of megabytes of network traffic are consumed by the Trojan, which in turn leads to inflated bills. Mobile phone carriers charged the victims who exceeded the Internet traffic and there was very little that users could do.

A Silent Reminder of Online Threats

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