Another Payout Success Story

Published July 13, 2006 by OCR Editor

Another Payout Success Story

It is always nice to read an online casino story with a happy ending. These kind of gambling tales give hope to all online casino fans that one day it may happen to them too, so they must keep on gambling! This is the lovely story of and online casino win

His name is Thomas and he is a retired firefighter. After all those years spent saving peoples lives he really deserved the fabulous surprise he got when he received the news that he had one $100,000 in a free daily lottery drawing.

Thomas had signed up once as a FAST player which means that these players have their numbers randomly picked for them every day and are played automatically. It was something that he did just for fun on the spur of the moment. He certainly never dreamt that he would win anything. Thomas was sure that it was a joke and the company had a really difficult time tracking him down because he didn't respond to any of their attempts to notify him.

He was sure it was a hoax and even when he finally saw the cash in his account he was still a bit dubious. The provider would not let him off the hook and finally he accepted the fact that he had really won and now he is willing to start enjoying the money. Thomas the firefighter certainly never expected to win anything from online gambling, most people dont but you never know when luck is going to strike, so the trick is to keep on playing your favorite games and your lucky day may come.

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