Anti-Online Gaming Bill May Have To Wait

Published October 16, 2002 by OCR Editor

Anti-Online Gaming Bill May Have To Wait

A proposed law intended to bar online gambling and prevent any money filtering behavior, has been approved by the House. However, it is improbable that it will pass the Senate this year.

The Senate has a full plate on its hands and has other priority agendas to attend to, such as a financial plan and a pending Iraq situation.
Sen. John Eisen said," I don't see the bill having a chance this year."

The bill is targeted at offshore online gaming domains, under the aegis of service providers, sanctioning authorities to spot and power cut Websites, as well as ruling out credit card practice and cash transfer systems for Internet gaming purposes.

Though, the bill does not include Nevadan Casinos, who are allowed to open online casinos depending upon the states regulations and legalization laws.

In any case, legislators would have to go through the process again and present its proposal next year, if the bill is not approved by the two offices of Congress.

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