Anyone for Texas Holdem at Kim DotCom's House?

Published March 28, 2013 by OCR Editor

Anyone for Texas Holdem at Kim DotCom's House?

Internet maverick Kim DotCom is opening his NZ home to local poker players

"I'm hosting a private poker tournament at my house this Sunday. Any Texas Holdem World Series players in NZ? " [Kim DotCom on Twitter, 26/03/13

Anyone for Texas HoldEm Poker at Kim DotCom's?

Probably one of the hottest invitations of the year - Kim DotCom is opening up his house, or should I say multi-million dollar mansion with inbuilt springwater swimming pool - to any local poker players this Sunday the 31st March. So just to be clear, that's an open invitation to any world series Texas HoldEm players who happen to be New Zealand that night!

For those that don't know, Kim Dotcom, born Kim Shmiltz, started out as a teenage internet hacker and then shot to fame as an entrepreneur when he set up Megaupload, the file-sharing site. The site was famously shut down in 2005, as it was seen to be encouraging the sharing of copyright material. The 39 year old is currently in the midst of a high-profile court case over copyright infringement, where the US police is suing for $500 million worth of losses to the entertainment industry. Kim Dotcom has been living in New Zealand since 2010, probably as a result of this.

However, inspite of all legal proceedings Dotcom, who likes to describe himself as a champion of internet privacy, set up a new file-sharing website in January this year, called Mega, declared by Dotcom himself as one of the fastest growing start-ups in internet history.

So now you know whose house you've been invited to, you want to make sure you make it there. Just reply to the twitter invite!

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