Apple to Unveil iPhone 6S Handsets Tomorrow

Published September 8, 2015 by Mike P

Apple to Unveil iPhone 6S Handsets Tomorrow

Watch out for the unveiling of Apple’s iPhone 6S handsets this Wednesday. An improved touchscreen and extra memory are two of the expected features.

Wednesday is an enormous day for Apple. The tech giant will host a special press conference to officially unveil its iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus handsets. Going back to last year, Apple’s equivalent conference revealed larger iPhone handsets than had ever been available before. This was a considerable step as it was the first time Apple had created phablet-sized smartphones.

Ahead of the launch, it is widely expected that Apple will release S versions of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Apple has historically adopted a two-year strategy in which the second year sees Apple release upgraded versions of the existing handsets from year one. Therefore, it is expected that the S versions of the iPhone 6 will look the same in 2015.

An Improved User Experience

A major piece of news for mobile gambling customers is that the new iPhones are expected to be boosted to have 2GB RAM. Having an improved level of internal performance will be a clear benefit to mobile gamblers who invest in the new iPhones. Quick and stable processing power will allow players to try out demanding games without any concerns.

The user experience could also improve for mobile gamblers if Apple adds its Force Touch pressure pad to the iPhone 6. Online casinos and sports betting sites have a multitude of on-screen options for mobile devices, which is why it is vital for smartphones to have responsive touchscreens that can let players choose their options without making mistakes.

From within the industry, three of the most prominent iPhones casinos are All Slots, Casino Cruise, and Winner Casino. Users from those casino sites can upgrade to the new iPhones for larger screens that will deliver a more immersive experience. The mooted improvements of enhanced touchscreens and boosted RAM will definitely ensure that players can upgrade to these new handsets for superior mobile gambling.

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