As UK Compliance Responsibilities Expand to Affiliates, Automated Compliance Software Is Key Protection

Lee R. - January 16, 2021

With the UK revamping the Gambling Act, operators need to adapt their oversight with new tools.

New compliance tools in the UK are emerging as a solution for operators to control not only their own marketing, but the marketing of their affiliates.

Increased Operator Responsibility

With the UK undergoing the most severe revamp of the Gambling Act of 2005 ever seen, operators are responsible for making clear the constraints they are adhering to, with those communications trickling all the way down to the affiliates whom operators are equally responsible for.

Automated Compliance Tool

Automated marketing compliance tools help operators protect the reputation of their brand while helping operators avoid fines as their culpability and standards of compliance increase.

Case Example

Leading operators bet365 is already enlisting the support of automated compliance tools to stay on top of the content of the affiliates they market through by employing GiG Comply software to maintain the compliance of bet365's affiliate programme.


A spokesman for bet365 explains how it works:

“The integration of the tool enables our compliance team to sustain a consistent approach to potential compliance issues and manage them effectively.”

GiG Comply technology automates the compliance process through an engine providing operators with a standardised and trademarked set of compliance standards and checks.


The tool integrates a uniform standard of compliance with flexibility to support operators in diverse jurisdictions who have to adapt their settings to meet the needs of their local licensing authorities.

Affiliate Support

GiG Head of Marketing Performance Jonas Dam Vesti Peterson asserts a key area of support:

“This tool is something that can really help affiliate managers in their daily work.”

Uniform Perspective

The bet365 spokesperson provides the operator perspective on the benefits:

“Doing compliance checks manually leaves too much up to interpretation and circumstance. Every eye sees differently no matter how similar the intentions are, and so we need technology to help us stay consistent.”


In this new era of regulation and culpability for operators, the existence of a compliance software that can be adapted all the way through to affiliates is a vital support mechanism for operators and a vital element of compliance for new UK regulations with the benefits ultimately falling to UK players who can be more efficiently protected.

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