Aston Villa Name bet365 and Betfair as Co-Betting Partners

Published July 4, 2015 by Mike P

Aston Villa Name bet365 and Betfair as Co-Betting Partners

Aston Villa has made an unusual step in naming bet365 and Betfair as co-betting partners. But not every sports team is so welcoming to sports betting partners.

The English Premier League is broadcast to 4.7 billion people in more than 210 countries, easily making it the most watched football league in the world. La Liga may have Barcelona and Real Madrid, but fans generally see it as a predictable league. In stark contrast, the Premier League can change hands more often, as evidenced by the title victories of Manchester United, Manchester City, and then Chelsea in the past three years.

Being such an intensely competitive league makes it all the more engaging for fans, who can then heighten their experience by placing wagers on the outcomes of the games they watch. And that is precisely why football clubs are working with sports betting operators more and more now. The latest example is Aston Villa, who have just agreed to fresh betting partnerships with bet365 and Betfair.

New Concept of Co-Exclusive Betting Rights

Aston Villa will began their new partnerships on 1 July 2015, and will continue with them for the entirety of the forthcoming Premier League season. But what is slightly unusual about the partnerships is that Aston Villa are dividing the responsibility, explaining that bet365 and Betfair have “co-exclusive rights” for the club.

More commonly, Premier League clubs will work exclusively with one operator. Examples from recent years include Manchester United and bwin, West Ham and Winner, and Tottenham Hotspur and Mansion Casino. Aston Villa have devised an entirely new betting partnership concept that could change the way the entire league does business in future.

Aston Villa’s official announcement to the process provided the following classification of the deal: “[bet365 and Betfair] have the right to be associated with Aston Villa and activate the partnerships globally, and both will appear on the club’s LED screens and interview backdrops.”

The Villains have a history of working with betting operators after previously partnering with William Hill and Dafabet, the latter of which was the official betting partner for the past two seasons. Chief commercial officer Charlie Wijeratna described the co-partnership deal from bet365 and Betfair as “a very significant commercial increase on last year’s betting partnership.”

AFL Club Essendon Calls Time on Betting Partnerships

At a time when English football clubs are extremely welcoming towards betting partnerships, there is an Australian sports team that does not share that attitude. Essendon is an Australian Football League team, which plays a game that challenges 18 players on two teams to kick a rugby-style ball through posts to generate points.

Essendon chief executive Xavier Campbell acknowledged that gambling partnerships were highly lucrative, explaining: “We certainly respect the right of betting agencies to advertise in sport.” However, Campbell and the team made the decision on the belief that sports betting has a negative impact in Australia.

Campbell went on to say that the decision would likely cause “shot-term financial pain,” and that is despite Essendon posting record revenue for its most recent financial year. Essendon’s decision is said to be backed by the majority of the club’s 60,000-strong membership base.

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