At Party Poker it Pays to Lose

Published April 27, 2010 by OCR Editor

At Party Poker it Pays to Lose

Play poker with a twist.

Fancy a game of poker which breaks all the rules? Party Poker's Bad Beat Jackpot is a progressive jackpot poker game with a twist.

The winning pot builds as $0.50 is collected from each raked hand at the Bad Beat Jackpot tables. It may not sound like much but with more than 100 tables the jackpot typically increases by $1,000 every hour! For those wishing to keep an eye on the prize, the Party Poker lobby keeps track of the growing Bad Beat Jackpot. Past jackpots have climbed past the million mark.

The Winner Loses Out and the Loser Wins!

The twist in the tail of Bad Beat Jackpot is that the loser wins! In the topsy turvy world of Bad Beat Poker the progressive jackpot is taken if the loser of a hand has four of a kind, eights or better. The ‘winner' has to have one of the winning combinations, yet still lose the hand in order to net the big prize.

Everyone's a Winner

The Bad Beat rules mean that everyone around the table is a winner; with Party Poker's Bad Beat Jackpot 50% goes to the ‘loser' of the hand (our Bad Beat winner), 25% goes to the ‘winner' of the hand and the remaining 25% is shared amongst all the other players sat around the table and involved in the hand. Never has sitting a hand out been more risky!

The Small Print

The best hand for the winner and the loser must include their two hole cards and the hand must go to a showdown. Hands have to be raked and the jackpot contribution collected in order to qualify for the jackpot.

In the case of two hands qualifying for the jackpot, the highest hand is deemed the winner of the hand and the second highest hand considered the loser of the hand and therefore the Bad Beat winner.

Party Poker is one of the most popular online poker halls on the net and won eGaming's prestigious ‘Poker Operator of the Year Award' for 2009. The Bad Beat Jackpot is one of many exciting games and promos at the online poker room and is a popular place for players to hang out.

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