Atletico Madrid and Espanyol Inclined to Split Points on Saturday

Published April 9, 2016 by Florin P

Atletico Madrid and Espanyol Inclined to Split Points on Saturday

Atletico Madrid and Espanyol shift into a lower gear (5:15 p.m UK Time).

Atletico Madrid is fighting a war on two fronts and this can take its toll, so a decision needs to be made. Winning the Champions League remains the top priority for the former Spanish champions and this is where all the resources will be channel. Barcelona has a too big of a lead to be overtaken in the remaining rounds, so the Primera Division trophy is untenable.

Espanyol Fancies a Point at Home

Atletico Madrid will be spending more time in Barcelona then players would’ve hope for, but the game against Espanyol should be the easiest. On one hand, the home side is far less dangerous than the best team in town and on the other they have lower expectations. The hosts would gladly settle for one point, against the better team and by doing so they will ward off the specter of relegation.

Galca is still under a lot of pressure after taking over as manager, but his strategy is finally paying off. He took his chances and was terribly unlucky to drop points and lose games that should’ve been won but at the end of the day he will probably save his team from relegation.

Atletico Madrid Expected to Rest Players

Even if the visitors have the best starting formation, they are still underdogs against Barcelona, so they can take no chances with injuries. Atletico Madrid has a minimum advantage over Real Madrid and if it can consolidate the second-place, this will be good enough for the team.

bet365 Sports heavily favors the visitors, but odds of 4/5 are not exactly stellar under these circumstances. Atletico Madrid can definitely win on the road, but the players are already thinking about the Champions League and won’t risk injuries. Betting on fewer than 2.5 goals to be scored is a more reasonable alternative and the odds are not much lower.

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