AvatarUX Unleashes Novel Features with Slot Game 'Donkey & the GOATS™'

OCR Editor. - October 14, 2023
Donkey & the GOATS™ Logo

In a fresh move, award-winning slot game creator AvatarUX unveils its latest marvel, Donkey & the GOATS™. This game promises to captivate players with a dynamic feature set, setting new standards in the slot gaming arena.

AvatarUX is setting the bar higher in the slots world this October with their groundbreaking title, Donkey & the GOATS™. As the anticipation peaks, the studio reveals that the game isn't just another addition to the slots but a unique blend of features tailored to redefine the player's experience.

Central to its allure is the "Golden Ways" mechanism. It amalgamates various elements to amplify every win. For fans of AvatarUX's famed ZapReel™, the delight continues as it stretches win lines and introduces the fresh Uppercut Expanding Wild. Not just this, the horizontal "Vegas Reel," perched above the primary game board, is all set to woo players with rewards such as Synced Reels, Wild Bombs, Low Pay Removal, and a Global Multiplier.

Donkey & the GOATS™ Screenshot

The magic unfolds with a sequence of cascading wins or the special Don K symbol upon landing. This triggers enduring rewards, seamlessly paired with extra free spins. The thrill doesn't end here. After rewarding a certain number of spins, the Vegas Reel resets, ensuring that the game keeps its momentum. Players can revel that these rewards are cumulative and can be unlocked simultaneously, setting the stage for some truly exhilarating spins.

Taking a closer look at the features:

  • Synced Reels: This ensures that two or more reels align, making it a cinch to land matching symbols across the board, which can fortify or even guarantee a win line.
  • Low Pay Removal: A game-changer that can exclude a random number or even all low-value symbols, amplifying the odds of a significant win.
  • Wild Bombs: Strategically places wild symbols across the reels, which can pivot any non-winning scenario into a triumphant one.

Donkey & the GOATS™ features

Moreover, Donkey & the GOATS™ provides an array of choices to enhance gameplay, from the Ante Bet, which boosts chances for Free Spins, to two variants of Feature Up, elevating the possibility to activate either the ZapReel™ or the Vegas Reel, and multiple Bonus Buy levels.

Donkey & the GOATS™ Buy Bonus

AvatarUX ensures that the innovation isn't confined to this title. Nicola Longmuir, CEO of AvatarUX, expressed her enthusiasm about the launch, stating, "With Donkey & the GOATS™ we introduce something different to players with the unique feature set offering unparalleled wins and thrill." Reflecting on their success with PopWins™ mechanic, Longmuir signaled the brand's intent to innovate continually, highlighting the "innovation and diversity that AvatarUX can offer."

This slot game is exclusive to AvatarUX's partners with direct integrations. However, players worldwide can anticipate its global release soon.

About AvatarUX Studios: AvatarUX stands tall as a premium game provider for iGaming operators. Their commitment lies in curating immersive gaming experiences for enthusiasts, constantly pushing the envelope with proprietary game mechanics. With Donkey & the GOATS™ now added to their repertoire, the iGaming community waits with bated breath for more avant-garde offerings from AvatarUX Studios.

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