Baltic Mare Truly Grand in Riga in Boutique Style Conference

Published June 5, 2018 by Lee R

Baltic Mare Truly Grand in Riga in Boutique Style Conference

Local and neighbouring officials stimulated the osmosis of regulation updates and licensing to (and from) the Baltic region.

The resounding success of Mare Balticum Gaming Summit 2018 has set a new standard for new boutique gaming events in the Baltics.


Taking place at Riga’s Astor Riga on the 8th of May, the conference was received with great enthusiasm by local industry and the organizers, with over 80% of the attending representing Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia.


The sold-out event provided 70 C-level delegates with access to insights provided by the region’s most influential local regulators and industry experts.

Sponsor Appreciation

The organizers extended heartfelt thanks and appreciation to primary event sponsors including SBTech (Registration Sponsor), BetConstruct (Lanyards and Badge Sponsor) and the Estonian branch of Tal Ron, Drihem& Co. Law Firm (Legal Sponsor).

Assissa Representative Complements

Assissa’s Pieter Remmers lauded the excellence of the event “with lots of attention to the individual participant.”

Highlight Launch

Highlights included the agenda kick-off events: the first two panels saw expert moderation from Gabnys Law Managing Partner Andrius Gabnys and his guests Sorainen Latvia Senior Associate Valtz Nerets; the Estonia Ministry of Finance’s Taivo Põrk and by regulatory official Janis Laganovskis of the Republic of Latvia’s Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection.

A New Type of Conference

In his introductory welcome, Andrius set the pace by recognizing the Mare conference as the region’s first true dedicated platform for industry education and networking. 

The panelists subsequently offered expert forecasts for potential regulation amendments affecting their markets in the near future. 

Upon reflection, Gabnys asserted the need to get the Baltic region on the global industry map as a way to advance the region’s general commerce, and complemented the Mare Balticum Summit’s effectiveness for that agenda through its “smooth organization, accurately selected panels, convenient and cozy venue.”

Fireside Chat Format   

Other highlights included a new “Fireside Chat” format which included key gaming officials such as Danish Gaming Authority Director Birgitte Sand and Assissa’s Pieter Remmers, who discussed the most recent developments for Responsible Gambling projects around Europe with a focus on Denmark and the Netherlands

Forecast and a Tip

The fireside chat and insightful panels empowered all attendees to get a grip on the future of gaming in the Baltic region within an effective boutique-style approach.

For those not in attendance, find someone who was, because attendees have access to audio tapes of all sessions and received the vital information first hand   

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