Barcelona to Host ICE and iGB Affiliate Conferences from 2025, iGB L!VE to Relocate to London

Published August 6, 2023 by OCR Editor

Barcelona to Host ICE and iGB Affiliate Conferences from 2025, iGB L!VE to Relocate to London

Clarion Gaming's ICE and iGB Affiliate conferences will have a new home in Barcelona starting in 2025, following an extensive bidding process. ICE's long-term venue, ExCeL London, will bid farewell after a 12-year tenure. Meanwhile, iGB L!VE will move from Amsterdam to ExCeL London in the same year.

As reported earlier this week by Clarion, Barcelona has emerged as the chosen host city for Clarion Gaming's prestigious ICE and iGB Affiliate conferences, starting in 2025. The decision comes after an intensive six-month bidding process, where Barcelona competed against Madrid, Paris, and ICE's long-standing host city, London.

The relocation project for ICE was carried out in partnership with Equimore, an event strategy and location specialist. They took into account over 30 variables during the decision-making process. They conducted extensive venue visits, city presentations, and negotiations to ensure a seamless transition.

The ICE advisory board, which includes influential brands from the online and land-based gaming industry worldwide, has supported the move. As a result, ICE is saying goodbye to its long-time home in London and ending its 12-year tenure at ExCeL London.

2025 ICE will be held at the Fira de Barcelona, a spacious venue measuring 240,000 square meters. The conference will be relocated from January 20th to 22nd and will be the ICE 2025 edition. Interestingly, ICE and iGB Affiliate will be the only major events in Barcelona during that time, ensuring an exclusive and immersive experience for exhibitors and attendees.

Clarion Gaming has reserved 40,000 hotel nights for stakeholders to prepare for the ICE week. Communication about the plans will begin in September of this year.

The Managing Director of Clarion Gaming, Alex Pratt, has announced that Barcelona has been selected as the new location for ICE, a leading gaming industry event. Pratt explained that Barcelona was chosen due to its outstanding facilities, excellent hospitality infrastructure, logistical capabilities, high return on investment for customers, and scalability. The move to Barcelona will create a partnership between the gaming industry, Fira de Barcelona, and public and private stakeholders in Catalonia and Spain, promising a bright future for all involved.

Pratt expressed gratitude to Equimore and the global industry stakeholders for their valuable contributions during the selection process, as all four shortlisted cities, including Madrid, Paris, and London, presented impressive bids. ICE's sister event, iGB L!VE, will also be relocating to ExCeL London in 2025, with Pratt acknowledging ExCeL London's support over the past 12 years.

Clarion Events remains committed to ExCeL London as a great destination and anticipates bringing iGB L!VE to the city in July 2025. The focus now is on ensuring the continued success of ICE and iGB Affiliate in partnership with international stakeholders and delivering an exceptional experience in London in 2024.

The upcoming ICE event is scheduled for February 6th to 8th next year, with iGB Affiliate London's exhibition following on February 7th and 8th.

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