Barney Frank Talks Poker on Jay Leno

Published September 12, 2010 by OCR Editor

Barney Frank Talks Poker on Jay Leno

Frank is author of HR 2267, which aims to overturn online gambling ban.

High-profile US Congressman Barney Frank appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week, and used the opportunity to talk about one of his most passionate subjects - the legalization of online gambling.

Frank, who is the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and the force behind bill HR 2267, which aims to overturn the effective ban on online gambling in the US, told Leno that "our government should not be trying to live the lives of its citizens."

Sitting next to reality TV star Kim Kardashian, Frank went on to explain in more detail how his bill would work, telling Leno that if it passes gamblers would have to use debit and prepaid cards rather than credit cards, and would have a limit placed on how much they can wager.

He also spoke of the wider economic benefits of regulation, saying: "We can make billions of dollars a year by making it legal and taxing it."

Frank, who is known for being a staunch defender of civil liberties, also spoke about other issues close to his heart during the interview with Leno, including the economy, education, the legalization of marijuana and his wish to see all remaining troops pulled out from Iraq.

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