Battle for US Online Gaming Regulation Continues

Published March 28, 2014 by OCR Editor

Battle for US Online Gaming Regulation Continues

Nevada and Delaware reach interstate agreement that will allow players from both states to play at the same online games; at the same time, Sheldon Adelson pushes for bills that will ban many forms of online gambling.

Nevada and Delaware, two states that have passed legislation regulating online gambling, have just announced their agreement which will allow players in both states to play in the same online games together. The partnership between the two states will set the precedent for other interstate agreements, and will also allay fears of those states on the fence about online gambling by increasing their pool of players.

The agreement was finalized by Ifrah Law, a Washington D.C. based law firm that represents some of the biggest names in online gambling.

Opposition to Online Gaming

While states are beginning to act in cooperation with each other to further the agenda of online gaming, the Coalition to Stop Internet Gaming has applauded the 15 state attorney generals who have asked both the House and the Senate to pass bills that seek to prohibit many forms of online gambling, including poker. The bills are called "Internet Gambling Control Act" and are spearheaded by coalition leader Sheldon Adelson.

The House bill is expected to be introduced by Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah. The bill calls for revision of the Wire Act as well as an FBI report on online gambling within two years of the bill's passing.

The Senate bill is expected to be introduced by Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. This bill also calls for changes to the Wire Act, but does not include any requirements of the FBI.

Nevada Senators Seek to Mitigate Damage Coalition's Bills

Nevada Senators Harry Reid and Dean Heller are reportedly working on a bill that would carve out a loophole for online poker within the Wire Act. With both sides working on bills to counteract each other, it is speculated that a compromise bill might emerge from the Senate.

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