Beginner's Guide: Why is eSports Betting Popular?

Lee R. - May 4, 2021

It turns out that eSports punting is as unique as eSports itself.

At this point, the eSports betting industry is accepted as rapidly growing, driven by better regulations and more participation.

Understanding eSports Betting

A post by eSports Network post in Sigma gives a comprehensive overview of the types of betting engagement residing with eSports.

Unique Betting Strategy

There are a unique array of bets germane to eSports, based on the format of eSports competition.

Tournament Betting

Bets on eSports tournament winners are familiar to all punters, and represent the most common eSports wager, with many factors can affect a team's performance for any given tournament.

Performance Factors

Regular game updates and player form are the two significant impacts on team performance at eSports tournaments. The shift of most eSports tournaments online this year renders teams more unpredictable in online events, increasing the possibility of upsets.

Match Outcome Bets

Punters can also bet on individual match outcomes, taking into consideration similar factors as tournament bets.

First Map Bets

Betting on eSports gets more unique in something called first map bets. These bets predict the winners of individual maps, which requires examination of team map pools. In multiplayer “action real-time strategy” online battle arena MOBA games, first map betting boils down to the draft. Analysis of team play styles and approach to the game are key factors to consider.

First Kill/ First Blood

First kill or first blood bets are by nature popular with eSports enthusiasts. Piston round wins are examples of wins which can provide significant team advantage. In MOBAs, first blood provides what are called gold leads and experience leads, with the type of lead established having significant ramifications on early and mid-game. Strategically, pistol skill advantages are associated with aggressive teams and styles of play.

Over/Under and Odd/Even

Familiar-sounding over/under bets in eSports wagering how many maps over or under a competition can go, most commonly according to rounds. Odd/even betting available, on whether the sum of scores or rounds will turn about to be even or odd.

Kills and Score

Most Kills and Correct Score are further wagers.


Clearly, eSports offers a high level of strategic and unique punting, meaning that eSports betting is sustainable and likely to grow in the area of popularity (volume among current users); and in the area of new users.

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