Belarus is Using Technology to Turbo Boost Regulation

Published February 23, 2019 by Lee R

Belarus is Using Technology to Turbo Boost Regulation

Belarus is a small market undergoing ambitious development through technology.

Attempting to proactively pull itself from a formerly Draconian system, Belarus is embracing technology, public discussion, and innovation to streamline its market and bring regulation out of the Dark Ages.

Shining Light of Progress

The progress is visible in increased hardware and software innovations that are being integrated into a strictly regulated market there to provide new opportunities for growth in a market model which has hindered other countries in the region historically as well.

Online Growth Key

Online popularity is a key factor in shaping growth for the Belarus government in the new era, with online casino growth reflecting the increasing amount of people registering with sites in order to play.

Reaching Out to Users

This transition to the online environment is distinguished by new measures to understand user-friendliness and preferences as a technological adaptation.

The New Public Forum

In order to improve relations between the government and the public, a new draft decree in Belarus has been submitted “On providing remote access to virtual gaming establishments” for public discussion.

New Protection Models

Published on the website of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of Belarus, the decree discusses such goals as remote access to the online casino database of all gambling operators via an online mechanism such as either a public key certificate or encrypted passwords.

Catch-All Security Certificates

A technical provision to protect connection channels is the use of a certificate of conformity in the National Conformity Assessment System of the Republic of Belarus which would be made compatible with information security tools established in the Ministry of Taxes and Duties.

Moving Forward

With technological capabilities being used to compensate for regulation system and development deficiencies, the greater goal now is to achieve a level of understanding that embraces the needs of Belarus players more rapidly to prove to prospective operators how an archaic regulation model can vault towards the forefront of regulation and development in the digital era.

Relevant Timeline

The draft decree was originally timed with the announcement of Belarus' plans to regulate online gambling July 5th, with the first legal online casinos in Belarus expected to start operation in April of this year. Here's hoping for some new insights into integrating technology with user needs in Belarus through online prowess.

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