Belgium Government Bans Foreign Live Dealers

Published January 16, 2015 by Lee R

Belgium Government Bans Foreign Live Dealers

The increase in domestic player security also has back end revenue benefits for BGC.

All online live dealer tables must be domestically based in Belgium from now on. The Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) has banned foreign live dealers and stated that all live dealer licensees declare operations by Friday, January 16.

Ban Implementation

The ban of remote live dealer operations is set to be enforced actively and rigorously in the coming weeks as a result of the mandate. Since there are many domestic providers who rely on foreign gaming support services to supply their tables, all currently licensed operators now must change suppliers or stop offering the live dealer feature altogether, no matter how significant live dealer tables are to their revenues and/or clientele.

All licensed operators in Belgium offering live dealer games now have been formally requested to declare their new set-up by Friday, with all necessary changes to take place in the following two weeks, or else “Operators who cannot ensure operations in Belgium will not be able to continue their activity,” according to the BGC regulator.

Foreign Live Operators Still Available...For Now

In all fairness, the next regulator committee meeting in early February is scheduled to discuss a grace period to determine the extent to which existing dealer platforms can be used, and by whom, to ease the transitional period.

The BGC has been consistent in affirming that one of its key ongoing concerns of regulatory policy in Belgium is the body's inability to ensure consumer protection on foreign tables. The solution was to expand domestic casino licenses from 9 to 11, and in so doing expand its domain of protection.

More Taxable Revenues on the Horizon

Of course, increasing the percentage of Belgian gamblers using domestically supplied live dealer products and general iGaming products also proportionally increases the taxable gambling revenues that the BGC and Belgian government have jurisdiction over.

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