BetBooster Boosts Sports Betting Fortunes with Unique Betting Data

Published February 24, 2021 by Lee R

BetBooster Boosts Sports Betting Fortunes with Unique Betting Data

LVision's key new BetBooster product is taking prediction data to another level for 2021.

No matter how hard a year can be economically, the iGaming industry sector can always look forward to some good new for each new year from one sector: tech.

Enhancing the Prediction Market

With the smartest money informing betting activity and the odds they yield, LVision's BetBooster is here to take even greater advantage of the rich well of data that betting activity provides about sports betting and possible outcomes.

NextGen Betting Data

In an interview with SBC News, LVision CEO and co-founder Ido Lazar discussed realisation that a simple in-house product actually represented a treasure trove of sports betting data.

Developing Core Technology

Lazar has developed what was originally a betting and animation widget for tennis in a family-owned business into a diversified automated insight feed ultimately stretching across over 15 sports, including all major sports in the US.

Enhancements Accelerate Gains

The enhanced individual engagement features personalisation to fit each player complete with full betslip integration.

Lazar added that BetBooster's seamless integration offers enhanced end user data which stands to accelerate operators gains across four unique and vital performance parameters: number of bets, stakes, speed of bets and turnover.

Yielding Advanced Data

Using these parameters, Lazar was able to isolate on unique individual events that distinguish each sport, such as a tennis shot such as volley backhand or forehand; or like corners and free kicks in soccer; and developed a set of supplemental metrics based on patterns detected in this supplemental in-match data unique to each of the full 15 sports on the platform.

How It Works

Lazar provides a vital analogy for the way data is recorded with the unique BetBooster technology and leverage for optimized punting results:

“Let’s say that I see that Federer is serving but Nadal won the first point with a backhand down the line. We know that the last nine out 10 times Nadal has won a point with a backhand down the line he won the entire game, and that’s golden information for punters.”


The same data-gathering algorithm that worked for tennis has been adapted across all the major sports on the BetBooster platform, and appears offers an intriguing, engaging, and enlightened evidence-based sports betting data experience.

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