BetGames Releases the New Sports Vertical – Twain Sport

Published June 15, 2022 by Zvon P

BetGames Releases the New Sports Vertical – Twain Sport

BetGames launches a new sports vertical under the name of Twain Sport, providing up to 14 hours of live sports action per day, with thousands of matches available each month, and plenty of exciting betting opportunities.

One of the world’s most innovative and forward-looking software studios in the iGaming industry BetGames is launching a brand new sports vertical dubbed Twain Sport.

Twain Sport offers a brand new concept for sports bettors across a range of regulated markets, with the possibility for more live betting action than ever before.

Twain Sport is set to launch the first events in August, with real sports tournaments set to be played out in a range of custom-built arenas across European cities.

The tournaments will be played in football and basketball based formats. T-Basket, and T-Kick will feature 8 player competitions, with short tournaments enabling up to 14 hours of non-stop betting action for the operators who include Twain Sport in their platforms.

Twain Sport is being launched in cooperation with the Hybrid Sports League, which will be creating the rules of competition, preventing match fixing and fraud, and overall making sure that all tournaments are running smoothly.

Speaking on the launch of Twain Sport, BetGames’ CEO Andreas Koabrel said: “The day has finally come! Everyone at BetGames has been excited by this new concept since the inception of our partnership with the Hybrid Sports League, so it’s been a real challenge to keep it under our hats.”

More on Twain Sport

Once fully launched, Twain Sport will offer an alternative to things like virtual sports and eSports betting to bettors who prefer to bet on real sporting events.

Unlike virtual sports, which are fully run by an ENG, Twain Sport will feature actual players playing sports tournaments and offering real-time sports action around the clock.

Each Twain Sport tournament will feature 15 matches, with as many as 210 matches played in a single day, and up to 6,300 matches over the course of a single month.

These short tournaments will allow players to make as many as 60 different outright bets per tournament, along with more than 60 single-match betting markets.

Overall, Twain Sport promises to provide engaging around-the-clock betting action and plenty of exciting opportunities for those looking for more sports action than can be found in regular sporting seasons.

Talking about Twain Sport’s value for the operators, BetGame’s Andreas Koabrel added: “Promising high-frequency betting and the low-spend extended playing sessions BetGames has always been famous for, we’re confident that Twain Sport will prove transformative. We’re here to provide our partners with the boosted engagement, cross-sell opportunities and incremental revenue we know they’re looking for.”

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