Betting and Gambling Online to Soar

Published January 29, 2003 by OCR Editor

Betting and Gambling Online to Soar

In the next two years online gambling and betting growth is expected to reach $10 billion. This growth is anticipated with the added expectation of targeting those who do not frequent betting shops but would give it a go online instead.

The middle class sector and women as a group are considered to be a potentially hot market to tap so says current researchers. VIP's general manager, Alistair Assheton, the leader of this online gambling concern, says that "we believe that people put off by the atmosphere of bricks and mortar bookmakers, such as women, will come to us for an enjoyable and straightforward experience."

In Great Britain, 70% of the people play the lottery while only 11% of adults there currently bet online. This suggests a potentially huge online market still to be tapped.

A survey of Britain's revealed that 1 in 7 Britain's find online betting appetizing because it remains a private affair where there's little room for embarrassment. Also international online access is a big draw.

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