Betting on New Star Wars Movie

Published May 15, 2005 by OCR Editor

Betting on New Star Wars Movie

Star Wars is the most famous movies series of all time. And the online casinos are tapping into that fact by placing odds on just how much money the final Star Wars prequel will gross once it opens in less than a week.

When it comes to finding things to bet on, the online casino never misses an opportunity for hype. The media frenzy surrounding Star Wars is driving players to bet on just how much money the new movie stands to gross. When it comes to internet gambling, nothing is out of range.

The popular Star Wars series will see the 6th and final episode released on May 19th around the world. This highly anticipated movie release will generate large revenue at the box office and it looks like some of the online casinos are starting to take notice. They are offering fans of online wagering and the Star Wars series a chance to bet on something there is no way of knowing until the film actually comes out, and that is the film's gross profits for the opening weekend. The last release in the series, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, pulled in $ 80,027,814. The opening weekend record for highest grossing movie went to Spider Man which brought in $114,844,116 in 2002.

One online casino in particular is offering over and under odds for the total gross of the opening weekend, and for the highest single day gross for the opening weekend.

Alex Czajkowski, Marketing Director for an online sportsbook commented that Star Wars is the most famous movie series of all time. Offering people the chance to bet on the film just adds to the excitement, and it speaks to our commitment to offer fans the most unique and comprehensive betting options in the world. It's yet to be seen if it will rank or even surpass recent money makers like Shrek which brought in $108,037,878 and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban which pulled $93,687,367. 

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