Betting on Presidential Race

Published October 24, 2004 by OCR Editor

Betting on Presidential Race

As the American presidential race nears voting day online casinos, sports books and other betting establishments around the world are taking big bets and a lot of money is riding on the outcome of the election.

It's even possible that your favorite online casino that you normally play a few hands of poker or blackjack at may be taking side bets on the outcome of the presidential race or may offer a link to an online sports book that does. As the race for presidency heats up so do the number and size of the bets being made online.

A true gambler will bet on anything as long as the odds look good and there is no chance of a fix. Some may argue that the last American presidential election may not have exactly lived up to that criterion. 4 years ago George W. Bush just managed to squeak into power due to a voting fiasco in Florida and a number of ballots that needed to be recounted over and over again. But for the upcoming presidential election this time around, a lot of people are paying much closer attention to the outcome. And the online casinos are no exception.

A lot of money is being wagered on the outcome of the upcoming US election at online casinos and sports betting website. The reason is because the outcome of the election will have such a large impact on the rest of the world. Since George W. Bush came to power 4 years ago the world has changed dramatically. Terrorism has reached a new level of global proportion, two wars have been launched and the world has been politically divided in some ways.

People are very curious about how the next election will play itself out and naturally this means that people start to try to predict the outcome. Once odds are established regarding who has a better chance of winning, the next step is for betting establishments to start taking bets online and elsewhere. Recent polls taken in the US indicate that the gap between Bush and John Kerry is getting smaller and some polls even indicate a slight edge in Kerry's favor. The indication at the online casino and sports betting websites is that many people are willing to stake money on who they think will win.

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