Betting on the Michael Jackson Trial

Published May 1, 2005 by OCR Editor

Betting on the Michael Jackson Trial

A real bettor will place a wager on just about anything. The online casinos have taken notice of this fact and are taking bets on the outcome of all sorts of events from presidential elections to celebrity showcase trials.

Your favorite online casino may offer a lot more than just traditional games. One such site has recently started taking bets on the outcome of the upcoming Michael Jackson trial. Right now they are offering odds on a variety of different possible outcomes to the high profile celebrity case that is gaining a huge amount of attention in the media.

Big celebrity trials always get an exaggerated amount of media attention. So it is only logical that an casino would pick up on the water cooler buzz and post odds on their website predicting the outcome of the trial. Michael Jackson has once again found himself in the spotlight and one site is taking bets and placing odds on the outcome of his latest case. High profile trials like that of OJ Simpson and Kobe Bryant usually attract online casinos to post odds on the outcome out the case.

Calvin Ayre, the founder and CEO of Bodog recently commented on the high profile trial saying: Because of the nature of trials in that decisions go one way or the other, they naturally lend themselves to wagering. Not to mention, this is one of the biggest trials in recent history.

Right now one specific gambling operation is taking bets on three possible outcomes and events that could take place during the Jackson case. Players can bet on whether Michael Jackson will be convicted at the end of this trial. Another option to bet on is whether Michael Jackson will serve a jail sentence for his current trial. And the third bet players can make at the online casinos is whether Michael Jackson will switch his lead attorneys during the present trial as he has done before in the past.

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