Betting Platform Football Index Displays Logos on Football Jerseys to Protect Youth During Safe Gambling Week

Published December 14, 2020 by Lee R

Betting Platform Football Index Displays Logos on Football Jerseys to Protect Youth During Safe Gambling Week

A campaign to feature safe gambling ads on Premier Leagues shirts was in full focus during UK Safe Gambling Week.

An online betting platform has donated shirt sponsorship rights to charity for national Safe Gambling Week that were on display recently in Premier League matches.

The Unique Week

During last week's Safe Gambling Week from 19 to 25 November, UK online betting platform Football Index is donating its sponsorship space on football jerseys to the safe gambling logo belonging to the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust YGAM.

The Featuring Jerseys

The YGAM logos were displayed on Football index sponsorship partners Queens Park Rangers, who sported the logos during a 1-1 draw with Watford on 21 November; and Nottingham Forest, whose jerseys featured YGAM logos in an Sky Sports internationally telecast 2-0 away defeat to Bournemouth on 24 November.


Football Index further supported YGAM during Safe Gambling Week with a £5,000 donation.

The Greater Initiative

Earlier this year, Football Index launched a full Gambling Awareness Initiative with Nottingham Forest Football Club to educate local communities of football supporters about the importance of safe gambling practices.

YGAM Leader Speaks

YGAM External Affair Director Daniel Bliss expressed his organisation's gratitude to “both clubs and Football Index,” calling it “vital” to “educate our future generations about the potential risks associated with gambling so we can collectively help prevent harm.”

Bliss called the two games a success in increasing awareness about YGAM's charitable efforts among target groups that include parents and teachers as well as “young people across all communities."

Nottingham Spokesperson Speaks

Nottingham Forest COO David Cook reminded that these efforts built on previous years activities, expressing the club's support “Football Index’s desire to highlight and promote the safer gaming message...through this promotion of the YGAM charity” in expanding the message of responsible gaming.

Queens Park Message

QPR Commercial Director Euan Inglis added that “safer gambling messaging is always at the forefront of content that is produced.”

Football Index Founder Speaks

Football Index Co-Founder Mike Bohan said his organisation was “delighted to support YGAM and promote Safer Gambling Week this year...we are incredibly pleased to be able to support YGAM’s important work to educate future generations and prevent harm.”


Football Index' unique initiative appears an optimal step to informing young people's decisions about gambling to protect the UK's most vulnerable population. 

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