Betting Trends Forum 2016 Brought Russia to the iGaming World

Published March 30, 2016 by Lee R

Betting Trends Forum 2016 Brought Russia to the iGaming World

The global context of Betting Trends 2016 will improve attendee performance in all markets.

Moscow's Betting Trends Forum 2016 held on March 17th was truly an eye-opening experience for all involved.

The Attendees

Attended by Russian and foreign betting representatives, everyone involved had an amazing time networking as they got a jump on integrating global strategy for the emerging Russian powerhouse market.


Diverse presentations included presentations from owners and managers of betting shops and betting software developing companies, specialized portal editors, fantasy and eSport experts.

Legal Protocols

Forum guests were empowered with an active working knowledge of current legal protocols for launching betting sites as well as the sanctions facing illegal casino operators.

Effective Marketing

Guests also now now know what efficient betting shop advertising looks like, what the current most effective distribution channels and are fully updated on the prohibited forms of advertising to avoid.

Engagement Tips

As far as engagement, all guests were briefed on the best content and tools for attracting players, while getting expert foreign operator estimates for the Russian market and current barriers. Featured speakers helped the audience to understand what content is required to attract players.

Fantasy Profiles

They also got a look at the newest and most popular mobile betting applications in Europe; fantasy sports player's profiles and a series of profitability reports on fantasy sport in Europe and Russia; and the vital scoop on when eSports will over-run football and hockey in popularity online. The difference between the Russian and American and European markets was revealed to eSports and Fantasy Sports entrepreneurs to maximize income.

Round Table Discussion

The many with more questions about new laws were provided with a round table on the legislative changes regulating the betting business. The discussion included provision of relevant legal documents by lawyers while representatives from self-regulating organizations forecast the course of adoption of the bills currently being discussed in government.

Benefits for All

There was something for everyone interested in emerging betting trends online, turning all Betting Trends Forum attendees into experts in their professional field.

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