BGaming Guarantees Provably Fair Results for Online Casino Players with Proprietary Technology that Builds Player Trust

Brett C. - May 9, 2021

Trust and credibility form the bedrock of an online casino operator’s commitment to players. Known as provably fair technology, the credibility of RNGs (random number generators) is sacrosanct for players and operators. BGaming is leading the way!

BGaming goes the whole 9 yards when it comes to establishing credibility, and generating provably fair results. This innovative online gaming operator has been at the forefront of the industry since inception. In fact, BGaming was the first iGaming provider to offer provably fair games to players. Thanks to cryptography, players can attest to the unbiased and random nature of online casino game outcomes.

Back in the day, a system of proven justice for players was available with password-protected archives with thousands of outcomes for the casino games. Given the manual option of checking through the data, players could verify the randomness based on rounds IDs. This was long before the cryptocurrency phenomenon took the world by storm.

Building Trust: Seed Numbers from the Server Side and the Client Side

Fortunately, crypto breathed new life into probably fair technology, but it was laden with problems. Initially, the systems created 2 numbers before a bet was placed. These included the server seed on the server side, and the client seed, by the player.

Once a bet was placed, the random number generator used these seed numbers to create an outcome for the game. The client seed affected the game result. While this is unpredictable, it still affected the results. While the system certainly validated itself, it was too complicated for regular players to use.

Fortunately, blockchain technology simplifies the verification process. It uses control code which is subject to public audit and is way more reliable. Players manually check each round of play, and the software can be validated to verify that there is no foul play afoot. Periodic checks can be run to validate that the code has not been tampered with.

BGaming is leading from the front with these types of innovations. It uses a proprietary verification system for online slots games. According to the director of the company, Marina Ostrovtsova, ‘We started developing slots in the early days of the cryptocurrencies boom, so this feature pretty much comes from our history as well. We are proud to state that BGaming was the first slot game developer to introduce Provably fair into the casino content world.’

Top BGaming Attractions with Provably Fair Technology

BGaming trends include provably fair technology support for 2 of the 3 top-performing games by gross gambling revenue (GGR) from 2019 – 2020. Crypto projects have shown an increased interest in BGaming attractions with at least 15% annual growth, which is now a burgeoning niche for the business.

Provably fair technologies are also inherently attractive to operators, since it establishes trust among players. The BGaming algorithm is now applied to scores of online casino games with this operator, including slot machine games, card games, video poker, Roulette, and more. Among the ranking BGaming probably fair games are Lucky Lady Clover, Aztec Magic Deluxe, and Avalon: Lost Kingdom.



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