Big Blow to Online Sweepstakes due to New Ruling in California

Published June 28, 2015 by Sol FH

Big Blow to Online Sweepstakes due to New Ruling in California

The California drought has spread to the world of online gambling leaving online players to dry out.

In a recent decision that will with no doubt strike a blow to online gambling in the state of California, the Supreme Court in that state has made online "sweepstakes" gambling illegal. There has been an ongoing problem for many San Francisco based internet cafes that many of their users were gambling from the shops. This type of gambling was said to be bringing more crime to the Excelsior district including violence, robberies, and car theft quite possibly due to the online gambling at Internet Cafes.

The City of San Francisco was able to close down one of the problem cafes, but with the new decision it is only a matter of time until all sweepstakes and certain sports online gambling will be a thing of the past. The second café is listed as a public speakeasy, making it harder to close down or render laws banning activity. The state began cracking down on sweepstakes gambling in early 2014 and this new decision is definitely one of the faster to be passed at a Supreme Court level.

Casino Crackdown

Online casinos with the ability to offer online gambling in the state will be feeling the burn and in some cases will render them useless due to the new law, but others are definitely getting creative with the way they offer online sweepstakes and sports betting.

Two of the online casinos that will be hurt by this new State Supreme Court ruling are Bovada Casino and BetOnline because the Live In-Play and Pre-race horse racing bets that they offer are now illegal in the state of California. The new ruling includes a number of sports betting rules and online horse gambling is now a crime therein.

Both Bovada and BetOnline offer a wide-range of horse racing props including local races, which are now only available live at the track; at least in California. The state does make for a massive customer base and rest-assured there will be many parties looking for an appeal.

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