Big Spenders Show Among Problem Gamblers

Published March 18, 2010 by OCR Editor

Big Spenders Show Among Problem Gamblers

According to the data collected by West Virginia - it seems as even the rich and affluent aren't immune to takings risks on the cards or dice.

Is there a correlation between household income versus the number of problem gamblers? According to the Problem Gamblers Help Network of West Virginia, there may be.

In an interesting chart for Fiscal Year 2009, the Network gathered information from each person who called into the hotline and asked their yearly income. Of the people who chose to disclose this information, the numbers may be somewhat surprising. It turns out that the higher number of problem gamblers are not in the lowest bracket, but instead the highest - at $50,000 plus a year.

Data was pulled from 1,036 people who called in and 534 people declined or did not know their income level.

So What?
When people think of those with gambling problems, it often comes to mind of those who don't have much money to begin with and are on the lower ends of the class system.

However, this data shows that even the higher-earning class of Americans, also struggle with a gambling problem. Perhaps risks become more acceptable to them.

According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, gamblers tend to have a warped view of money as time goes on and the addiction runs deeper.

They claim that "Their view of money begins to change. It no longer holds its traditional value as a means of exchange... a way to accomplish goals... a measure of security... a source of freedom... a standard of accomplishment. Instead, money to the gambler has only one value: to enable the gambler to keep gambling, to stay "in action."

What to Do?
If you or a loved one close to you shows signs of financial distress or other symptoms of problem gambling, there is help out there.

Take the 20 question self check quiz - your first step in recognizing a problem exists.

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