Bitcasino Pledges 101,010 Trees to #TeamTrees Movement worth Over $100,000

Published December 19, 2019 by Brett C

Bitcasino Pledges 101,010 Trees to #TeamTrees Movement worth Over $100,000

Bitcasino is getting into the holiday spirit with a pledge to donate 101,010 trees valued at $1 per tree for #TeamTrees. This eco-friendly initiative is geared towards planting 20 million trees by the beginning of 2020!

Bitcasino Grows Roots & Goes Green

Ranking cryptocurrency casino, Bitcasino made it a ‘November to Remember’ for registered players with an opportunity to donate their unused ‘Loyalty Club’ points towards an incredible cause. The #TeamTrees movement has garnered worldwide appeal, after going viral on social media. Bitcasino has pledged 101,010 trees to the movement, and all player loyalty club points will be matched by contributions from the Bitcasino team, BTC for BTC.

The response from players was incredible: donations amounted to $100,000, making Bitcasino just as significant as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The #TeamTrees list of major donors now includes Bitcasino among its most prominent contributors. Yet, despite the worldwide popularity of the #TeamTrees movement, only a handful of mid-sized tech companies have made their presence felt. For its part, Bitcasino is in a league of its own as the only organization to fully embrace the #TeamTrees movement.

Injecting Binary Code into #TeamTrees Fundraiser

To spice things up a little, the management team at Bitcasino decided to inject some light-hearted humor into the #TeamTrees donation appeal by using a universally popular binary number in their fundraiser. They increased the donation amount to 101,010 – a number that crypto-aficionados can certainly understand. The loyalty club at Bitcasino served as the perfect hub online casino players to launch this eco-friendly initiative in support of #TeamTrees. Players across the spectrum were eager to donate their unused loyalty points and had them matched by Bitcoin for Bitcoin.

The #TeamTrees movement was initiated by American YouTube sensation, MrBeast. As one of the world's most prominent fundraisers, #TeamTrees has received massive support from people everywhere, these include celebrity tech titans like Elon Musk of Tesla, heavy hitting entrepreneurs like Jeffree Star and even Pewdiepie. Now that 2019 is quickly disappearing into our rear-view mirror, the #TeamTrees movement has already hit the 17 million point, with the ultimate goal already well within reach.

This successful campaign now features significant milestones from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey of 200,000 trees, Bitcasino with 101,110 trees, Discovery Channel with 100,200 trees, and Jean-Michel Lemieux with 100,100 trees.

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